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When Two Stars Collide

When Two Stars Collide

ISBN: 9781998839094
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High school seniors Cin and Henri, seemingly worlds apart, find themselves drawn together by a twist of fate. Meet Cin, a half-Japanese rock musician whose enigmatic aura hides a world of secrets. Tattoos, long hair, piercings, and pet snakes make him the enigma of his 90210 high school. But beneath his tough exterior lies a dark history and a burning desire for revenge against his wicked stepfather, guided by the ethereal presence of his late Japanese father, his guiding star. Then there's Henri, an innocent TV star sheltered by her manager-mother. Destiny intervenes as Cin and Henri cross paths during a school production of Cinderella, sparking an unlikely friendship. A simple practice kiss kindles a connection that transforms their lives.

As the stars align, their fairy-tale journey takes an unexpected turn. Cin's hidden truths, once carefully guarded, suddenly come to light, creating unforeseen challenges in their relationship. But as secrets and fears threaten to keep them apart, can Cin and Henri overcome the obstacles and create a new, enchanting story? Discover a gripping tale of love, destiny, and the strength to overcome in this must-read young adult novel.

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