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The Crystal Zodiac: How to use Crystals to Read your Fortune

The Crystal Zodiac: How to use Crystals to Read your Fortune

ISBN: 9780753735503
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Harness the ancient power of crystal energy and the zodiac, and discover what your sign's corresponding crystals can reveal about your future.

Find your own personal star sign crystal and harness the connection between crystal healing and the power of astrology to empower your best self and reveal the future.

All crystals vibrate with energy that can have a balancing effect on the body and can be used to promote physical, mental and emotional healing. When crystals are selected to work in conjunction with the astrological influences on our lives, the power of the stars heightens the crystal's power to improve your life.

The Crystal Zodiac will show you how each of the 12 zodiac signs correspond to a crystal and how each crystal aligns with the energies associated with its zodiac sign. Whether you're a Gemini, Leo, Libra or Taurus, there are crystals that speak to your specific energy and can give you a boost when you need that extra spark.

You can also use crystals attuned with astrological forces in fortune-telling. With The Crystal Zodiac's fortune-telling techniques, you can use your crystals to open a gateway to deeper knowledge and inner wisdom by channeling the prophetic power of the stars to answer all your deepest questions. Draw on crystals for your own personal daily horoscope, whatever your star sign is, or consult the crystal oracles by casting the crystals onto a zodiac circle for a full answer to what the future holds in store.
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