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Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage

Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage

ISBN: 9780345418203
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"Anyone involved in, embarking on, or yearning for, an intimate relationship should buy, borrow or steal Intimate Partners."
-New Woman

What goes on in our intimate attachments? What patterns of relationships do couples tend to follow, and why? The bonds we create affect every aspect of our lives, and yet our grasp of them is limited by our emotional reactions and learned responses. Now, in Intimate Partners, bestselling author Maggie Scarf gives us the classic book on marriage-on how love relationships are formed and how they change over the course of the marital cycle. Here you'll discover

- how to understand one's inherited emotional history-and how fits with a partner's
- the fascinating ways in which power and control, and intimacy and autonomy exert strong effects upon the kind of partnership two people create
- surprising observations on the role of sex and the impact of children on marriage
- why change can be experienced as a form of betrayal-and how to ensure that a relationship matures with, and is not impeded by, each individual's growth
- simple exercises that couples can do to resolve tensions and change the nature of the world they share

- verbal and physical techniques to cope with sexual difficulties and enliven a couple's connection during sex
- straightforward methods for how to engage in healthy-not dysfunctional-quarrels

Intimate Partners is a book that changes not only how we view love relationships, but also how we live them.

"Every marriage contains a story, and it begins long before the wedding, Maggie Scarf tells us in her ambitious, thought-provoking . . . ultimately compelling study. . . . Read it and feel consoled."
-USA Today

"Listen to Maggie Scarf . . . and you'll come away thinking that yes, marriage can be tough, living long-term with another person is one of the greatest challenges there is, but it's well worth the effort."
-Chicago Tribune

"Provocative . . . Scarf writes lucidly and convincingly."
-The Washington Post Book World
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