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Gentleman Captain

Gentleman Captain

ISBN: 9780547577418
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"A beautifully written and masterfully told story full of wicked intrigue, gripping suspense, stirring action, deft plot twists, and incredibly rich and compelling characters ... destined to be a classic series of nautical adventure." --Eric Jay Dolin, author of Leviathan and Fur, Fortune, and Empire

Having sunk the first ship he commanded off the coast of Ireland, Captain Matthew Quinton is determined to complete his second mission without loss of life or honor. Rebellion is stirring in the Scottish Isles, and King Charles II needs loyal officers to sail north and face the threat. But aboard His Majesty's Ship the Jupiter, the young "gentleman captain" leads a resentful crew and has but few on whom he can rely. As they approach the wild coast of Scotland, Quinton begins to learn the ropes and win the respect of his fellow officers and sailors.

But he has other worries: a suspicion that the previous captain of the Jupiter was murdered, a feeling that several among his crew have something to hide, and a growing conviction that betrayal lies closer to home than he had thought.

"A delightful tale." --Kirkus Reviews

"As fascinating an account of Restoration politics as it is of the Restoration Navy." --Seth Hunter, author of The Winds of Folly

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