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Diversify & Prosper: Building a Successful Supplier Diversity Program

Diversify & Prosper: Building a Successful Supplier Diversity Program

ISBN: 9781642255928
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Build your own supplier diversity program now.

In Diversify & Prosper, the focus is on harnessing the power of supplier diversity as a strategic tool for corporations to gain a competitive edge, expand market share, and attract and retain employees. The book underscores the importance of diversifying your supply chain. Whether leading a small team or a large corporation, where your products come from is crucial. Leveraging a variety of suppliers not only benefits your business but also supports the local community.

The concept of supplier diversity is gaining traction among business leaders and their workforce. Employees are increasingly seeking to be part of organizations that contribute positively to society, and a robust supplier diversity program is a key way to align with these values.

Author Jean Kristensen guides readers through setting up a supplier diversity program. Starting from initial research to maintaining momentum, Kristensen draws on her 30+ years in the field and consulting experience to provide practical insights. By the end of Diversify & Prosper, readers will have a comprehensive plan for implementing a supplier diversity program that enhances business operations and community engagement.

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