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Clarkie Saves the Moon

Clarkie Saves the Moon

ISBN: 9798218326289
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Twinkling stars

Rainbow dust

Save the moon,

I must! I must!

Each night before Clarkie goes to sleep, he looks up into the night sky and looks at the glowing moon and stars. But tonight when Clarkie peered through his telescope, the moon was gone!

Join Clarkie on his mission to save the moon! He will bravely face his fear of being alone, and he will learn that even though he can't always see the moon and stars, they are always there. This is the perfect story for kids who get anxious or nervous to sleep alone at bedtime. Parents will love teaching their children that it's okay to sleep alone at night. And little aspiring astronauts will learn that just like the moon and stars, Mommy and Daddy are always there - even when they can't see them.

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