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After the Storm (The Americana Series)

After the Storm (The Americana Series)

ISBN: 9781497637306
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From a New York Times-bestselling author: A scorching novel of romance in Denver, where passion burns hot enough to melt the Rocky Mountain snow.

Discover romance across America with Janet Dailey's classic series featuring a love story set in each of the fifty states.

Lainie MacLeod's mother wanted her to have the best of everything. And for a while, she did. Lainie lived in an exclusive enclave of Denver, Colorado, with her handsome, loving husband, Rad. But that was then. These days, Rad is gone--having shattered Lainie's heart when he left--and her mother is tragically ill. Now the woman who once had it all is ready to collapse from the strain of getting by.

But on a rare night out, Lainie sees two men she thought she'd never see again: her charming childhood crush, Lee--and Rad, looking as gorgeous as ever. Caught between the two of them, Lainie wonders if she should explore the romantic path not taken or give the love of her life another chance.
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