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We Win, They Lose: Republican Foreign Policy and the New Cold War

We Win, They Lose: Republican Foreign Policy and the New Cold War

ISBN: 9781645720928
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In 1977, then presidential candidate Ronald Reagan was discussing foreign affairs when he said, "My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple, and some would say simplistic. It is this: We win, and they lose." Three years later, Reagan was elected president; by the time he left office, the United States had won the First Cold War.

Today, a New Cold War has started, this time with the People's Republic of China (PRC). While Beijing challenged the United States for many years, Washington only awoke to this reality in 2017 when President Donald J. Trump declared "great power competition" with China and Russia as the greatest threat facing the nation. We are in the early days of the New Cold War, and Washington is still struggling to define a clear China strategy.

Inspired by Trump and Reagan, this book proposes a straightforward goal for the struggle with China: we win, and they lose. Brilliant and engagingly written, this book provides a conservative foreign policy strategy--A Trump-Reagan fusion--for winning the New Cold War with China. We Win, They Lose explains why a conservative worldview is best suited for the coming confrontation with China and provides a comprehensive strategy for tackling every major foreign policy issue facing the United States, including: defense, trade, and values; Russia, Iran, and North Korea; allies and institutions; border security and immigration; energy and the environment, and more.

With this strategy in hand, the GOP and the United States can spring to action. It is time to win the New Cold War.
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