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The Mother of Us All: Divine Mother Speaks: A Way Forward

The Mother of Us All: Divine Mother Speaks: A Way Forward

ISBN: 9781948675154
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Who is Divine Mother? She has many names. Some call her Star Woman (darkness behind the Stars from several Native American paths)1, Kali, Holy Ghost, M� Ananda Moy� (Ananda Moi Ma), Mother Meera, Amma, Mother Mary, Black Madonna, Virgin of Guadalupe and many other names.

Mother Earth is known today as Gaia. Each and every woman who nurtures others; every care-giving man with compassion are an extention of

Divine Mother. Divine Mother is an energetic reality of beauty, love and compassion that lives around us and inside each of us, and all through

nature. Divine Mother assumes countless forms in all of us.

In order to progress with our environmental issues we need to listen and follow Divine Mother as part of God. She has been ignored by the patriarchal churches that focus on men. This book focuses on how to be in greater harmony with Gaia, or Divine Mother Earth. She also asks for gratitude from companies that are not in harmonious relationships with her. Divine Mother is requesting that we change how we take things from the Earth without her permission that lacks all respect to her generosity to all of humanity as well as all of nature.

The book focuses on how western culture can align with many aspects of the balance of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, as well as past Yuga cycles that explain how we can align with the current age we are in. This book is here to shift our culture to greater peace, harmony, respect and love of all beings.

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