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Push Play: Gaming For a Better World

Push Play: Gaming For a Better World

ISBN: 9798887500829
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Grab the controller! Save the World!
One of the gaming industry's leading women describes how gaming can be a force for global good.

Play is in our DNA, but gaming has always had a bad rap. Since the first humans carved a game board into the dirt, we've been told that playing around isn't a useful way to spend our time. But gaming is as natural as we are. We game to experiment with ideas and to learn. We play to create new worlds so we can change this one. Gaming pushes us to imagine what more we can become. In Push Play: Gaming for a Better World, Dr. Songyee Yoon, Chief Strategy Officer at NCSOFT, lays out how gaming can help us craft a better world together.

While gaming has global implications, it has largely been created by, marketed to and associated with men. The gaming industry's perception as a "boys club" has kept many talented women from pursuing their passions in STEM. As a leader and expert in the video game industry, Dr. Yoon shares her own experience in this male dominated field and her quest for a more diverse and equitable tech community. From encouraging more female lead characters in games to creating more supportive environments for working mothers, Dr. Yoon works to break down barriers for those who have been shut out of opportunities in STEM. After all, the game only gets better with more players.

Through stories from her career in the gaming industry and her deep passion for tech, she outlines how innovations in gaming push industries forward and create a more equitable world for everyone.

  • Learn how gaming inspires Artificial Intelligence to consider everyone's perspective.
  • Master tips and tricks from gaming that can be used to lead diverse and thriving business teams.
  • Explore the digital worlds of Massively Multiplayer Online Games and understand why we need digital communities where all humans can participate.

So, get those thumbs flexing with Push Play to unlock your power to play.

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