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Humility: Rediscovering the Way of Love and Life in Christ

Humility: Rediscovering the Way of Love and Life in Christ

ISBN: 9780802882103
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Amid culture wars and church division, Michael W. Austin calls us back to the authentic Way--following Christ in humility and love.

American Christians have lost the Way. We chase power and comfort and coat our self-righteousness in a Christian veneer. We comfort ourselves that we follow the rules and go to church, so life will work out for us. But we have forgotten what it means to truly follow Christ.

Michael Austin brings us back to basics of the Christian life: humility and love. Drawing on Philippians and 1 Corinthians, Austin reminds us how Jesus, in love, poured himself out for others. This other-centeredness stands contrary to vainglorious affirmation in our lives, online and off--and it is the key to healing the deep divisions in our communities.

Austin guides the reader through spiritual disciplines to aid in the formation of this virtue, from praying the psalms to building healthy communities. For Christians seeking transformative union with God, in their souls and society, Humility is the ideal companion.
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