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Greek Myths

Greek Myths

ISBN: 9780618154265
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A classic, accessible, handsomely produced collection--a great next step for Rick Riordan fans ready to delve deeper.

From the terror of Medusa and the Minotaur to the Labors of Heracles and journeys of Theseus, the stories in this collection have thrilled and enthralled people for centuries with their high drama, hazardous quests, and unforgettable characters (both mortal and immortal).

Under Olivia Coolidge's skillful pen, the landscape of early Greece and its famous legends bloom with vigor and are perfectly suited to the adventure-seeking reader.

Greek Myths includes appealing black-and-white spot art; a list of the Greek gods, with their Latin names, their symbols, and a brief description of each; and a pronunciation guide.

"This volume of familiar myths is both readable and attractive. The author provides a happy introduction to classical mythology." (New York Times Book Review)

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