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God's Gift for the Graduate NKJV

God's Gift for the Graduate NKJV

ISBN: 9781400243099
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Love. Protection. Direction. God loves to give abundant gifts! During the time surrounding graduation, a season of new beginnings, seek God's face and receive His gifts through the powerful devotions and Bible verses in this inspiring book from Jack Countryman.

God's Gift for the Graduate includes 60 inspirational devotions, along with Scripture and prayers, to remind you that God is eager to bless and guide you in this new season of life.

This book will keep you rooted in these comforting truths from God's Word:

  • God has an incredible, eternal purpose for you
  • God's wisdom can guide you as you make decisions about the future
  • Relying on God every day brings confidence and peace
  • You can live your best, world-changing life in the center of God's will
  • God offers gifts of joy, friendship, hope, and so much more

This striking book is a perfect gift for:

  • College, trade school, nursing, seminary, and high school graduates
  • Adults who returned to school for a secondary degree
  • Teens, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends

Starting a new chapter in life can feel both intimidating and exciting--but you don't have to do it alone. God is with you through every opportunity and challenge, ready each step of the way to give you His good and perfect gifts.

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