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Endless: I Arrived (The Labors)

Endless: I Arrived (The Labors)

ISBN: 9798989401208
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What would you do if you personified a fundamental aspect of existence? If every choice you made as the embodiment of that concept could drastically alter not only the state of the universe surrounding you, but the very logic and rules that frame it.

Enter Endless, the living concept of endlessness. A being who as his name suggests, simply keeps going. With no end possible for this unique existence, Endless freely roams the innumerable worlds, planes, and dimensions that populate the unquantifiable expanse of everything and more. On this particular trek, Endless finds himself on a quest, driven to locate that which has been dubbed 'The Answer'. For an entity with endless life to live, it is an opportunity to learn something which could frame the rest of his existence for all the time to come.

When Endless does reach his destination, within the strange map-defying region known as Else, found 'where areas aren't', he finds 'The Answer' is not a what, but a who.

When Endless asks the big question, if she would be willing to teach him all she knows, she simply replies "You need to give me... An answer of your own. And a good one at that." Which faces Endless with an even bigger question: What answer do you give to the one that has them all? For Endless, it's a story. One which reaches through both Endless and The Answer's nature as embodiments, and attempts to find meaning about their and any other existence's place in the universe.

This story follows the embodiment Lexicon. The personification of letters, words, and language. And Lexicon has a bone to pick with humanity. Will Prevention stop him?

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