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Breakthrough!: 5 Essential Strategies for Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness

Breakthrough!: 5 Essential Strategies for Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness

ISBN: 9780802431745
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Many of us read our Bibles and pray, but we can still feel fragile, tired, and defeated. This is the book we've longed for.

We need a breakthrough. We need healing. From our pasts. And from our present battles. But sometimes we feel stuck or despairing--as if nothing is ever going to change. Dr. Marcus Warner shows us the pathway to healing and maturity.

Breakthrough! goes beyond the usual one-size-fits-all answers. Written from a Christian perspective, this book takes the Bible and brain science--with the Holy Spirit--and provides an integrative approach to building emotional resilience that changes lives.

As you explore five strategies--Be aware of your body, unleash your beliefs, increase your belonging, listen to the Spirit, and defeat demons (BUILD)--you will discover a breakthrough. Our memories and hearts can heal. We can mature and grow in Christ. Whether you're at your end or simply in need of some spiritual vivacity, this book will not disappoint.

Breakthrough! is an excellent resource for Christian counselors, providing essential tools and helpful exercises. It is also for the brokenhearted and those ministering to the weary and brokenhearted. Discover and develop a hope-filled pathway to Christian maturity.

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