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Aviation Century Wings of Change

Aviation Century Wings of Change

ISBN: 9781550464283
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The gripping story of a rapid-fire period of change in aviation.

The fourth volume in the Aviation Century series is the dramatic story of the worldshrinking developments in commercial aviation through the end of the twentieth century, in which airliners grew from frail biplanes to huge Jumbo jets. In the process, advanced air travel brought with it worldwide political, economic and social change. In 2004 commercial airlines carried an estimated 1.6 billion passengers.

Each new generation of transport aircraft has brought greater reliability, economy and safety, and increased global commerce through technological advances. Each day millions of shipments now travel by air between continents via sophisticated air cargo and air express systems.

Other chapters in Winds of Change examine:

  • the wider world of aeronautics
  • private aircraft (personal planes as well as ultralights, sailplanes, hang gliders and parasails)
  • lighter-than-air flight (Zeppelins, blimps, hot-air balloons)
  • rotary wings (helicopters and related craft)
  • the challenges of research and development (from sketch pad to computers; designers, builders and test pilots).
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