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A Swear A Day: A Daily Dose of Rude Words and Profanities

A Swear A Day: A Daily Dose of Rude Words and Profanities

ISBN: 9781837990122
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Learn a new profanity every day and never be lost for words again with this side-splitting book of 365 insults and obscenities

Never be lost for dirty words again with an insult and obscenity for every day of the year

If you've ever been angry at your commute, stubbed your toe or broken a glass, swearing can help you vent and make you feel just a little bit better. Now you can get creative with your expletives with this witty collection of vulgar and versatile words.

In this side-splitting little book, you will be armed with a swear word for every occasion, and ready to curse whatever life throws at you. Learn a new profanity each day, broaden your rude vocabulary and express yourself in new and entertaining ways.

With well-known swear words, obscene phrases from the past, plus insults in foreign languages, this book is complete with all the things you've ever wanted to say but didn't have the words for. The perfect book for a foul-mouthed friend, A Swear A Day is the hilarious way to say what you're really thinking.
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